The MicroTrend TippingPoint solution gives you far more than conventional firewalls. The system has a unique, extensive knowledge base of potential security risks, which is continuously updated. The system protects data at several levels – the physical level, logical level, software level, and application level. Geographic redundancy of disk resources and technological facilities of the data centre are included. Scalability is a very useful feature of the cloud system. If your needs change, you can easily expand the system without having to replace anything. Therefore, you can change projects and services at any time depending on the changing environment.


Advantages of using the Big Blue One cloud solution in practice include the scope of services, speed, time, and flexibility, as well as savings. Scope – the catalogue of solutions and services includes everything you need to provide your services. Speed and time – your service can be up and running within 10 minutes; you don’t even need a paper contract, and the project is not limited in time. Flexibility – you can change your project or service at any time to suit your needs. Savings – zero investment, time saving, accurate cost planning, saving human resources, excellent prices. All that, thanks to the optimization of all input sources.

BIG BLUE ONE client support Client support offers maintenance and technical information, configuration, technical support, useful links, tutorials, and downloadable documents.


The 100% contractual guarantee of availability (SLA – Service Level Agreement) is based on the combination of high-quality branded solutions, including backup. Certified experts will help you design, administer, and maintain your services. The service is operated in modern data centres, and it has an unlimited connection to the Internet – you don’t have to worry whether your connection is sufficiently dimensioned, or whether your servers are operated in conditions that ensure safe and continuous operation. The offer of services includes a free demonstration of the service, and the migration of your data at the start of the project.

Datacentre Casablanca INT Casablanca INT has been running one of the best known data centres in the Czech Republic since 2000. Currently, customers can use over 1,600 square metres of technological premises for servers and ICT equipment. We place great emphasis on developing services and technologies in order to offer our customers professional, safe, and affordable housing, collocation, and IP connectivity solutions.

Casablanca Cloud Solution
  • FREE 500 GB data transfer

  • MicroTrend TippingPoint security

  • 100% SLA

  • 3PAR F400 disk arrays

  • unlimited computing power

  • offsite data backup

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