The migration of data to the cloud is connected with the risk of services being interrupted.

Casablanca’s specialists have extensive experience with migration of systems from physical servers to virtual environments. We are able to assess the specific risks of migration in advance, even in very complicated projects, and subsequently offer individual solutions. The processes are set on multiple levels, with the priority of uninterruptible transition. In these processes, we use the Physical-to-Virtual tool that automates and simplifies the migration process.

We have no experience with clouds. Data migration will be difficult and expensive.

Thanks to the experience of our specialists, we are able to assess the migration progress and agree with the client on the best possible process, including risk assessment and pilot phase testing. Using support tools, we can ensure that the actual migration is very short. We are also able to propose effective and safe alternative solutions.

The environment is shared in the cloud with someone else, so other people may have access to our data.

The BIG BLUE ONE cloud is designed to meet the highest security requirements. The VMware technology provides separate access to the data of individual virtualized systems. The virtual environment is constantly monitored by a team of experienced staff, with a priority to maintain the maximum level of system security, including proactive monitoring and necessary responses to emergency situations. We are also ready to extend security limits according to your individual needs (IDS, advanced firewalling, encryption, and communication).

We are used to seeing our server and being able to touch it.

In our Casablanca data centre, we have been creating the best environment for thousands of servers since 2000. Each year, the premises and equipment are modernized to maintain the technology and equipment at the highest level. You could never achieve a better level of power supply, cooling, Internet connectivity, and security on your own premises.


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